Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trash Replication

Materials used: paper, acrylic paint, sharpie pen ( black and white)

Since all of our projects are replication of trash, they share the theme of the discussion about original value. Is an art work valuable because of it's originality? It's not really true in this case. The object was a piece of trash that nobody will care, but we picked it up and spend our time and effort in it and made another one which looks the same. Because of this replication, people will want to see it, spend time on it. The trash is changed in to a part of art work which adds another meaning on it. Thus it become more valuable.

The pieces work better as a group rather than an individual piece. The power of multiple replication works may let the audiences starting to doubt that what is the truth, or original works.

If I can do this again, I'd like to try something more natural. Like a flower, a leaf. It makes me feel that we are challenging the power of the mother nature.

I think the way this piece if presented works for my project. But it will also be really cool that if we can have a room that filled with the original work and the other half filled the the replications in the opposite places. Just like a mirror image.

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