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Trash Replication

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ink, cotton, audio.

Final Project-"Woman" and transience

Claire Fleckenstein
Woman, 2010. Computer paper, white cotton, heavy matte medium (3 1/2" x 5").
For my piece I was interested in exploring the concept of transience.

"You Are Positively Glowing!"

Elisabeth Rennick
You Are Positively Glowing! 2010. Foam Core, Fabric, and Tissue Paper (102"x 19"x 34").
For this piece I explored the idea of "encroach."

Final Project

Dec 8th 12:00 a.m.- 11:59 p.m.

Dec 7th 7:07 p.m.- 8:07 p.m.

Dec 7th 12:28 p.m. -12:29 p.m.

Dec 7th 11:17 a.m.

Andy Delany
Untitled, 2010
4 8"x 10" Silver Gelatin Prints and 4 sets of 35mm film negatives

Process: Four series of photos were taken, one set consists of just one photo, the next consists of 14 photos taken over a minute in 5-second intervals, the next is 22 photos taken over an hour in 3-minute intervals, and the last is 48 photos taken over a 24-hour day in 30-minute intervals. Each set of negatives was then turned into just one print by exposing every negative in the set onto one piece of photo paper. The sets of negatives are displayed as separate strips, with the corresponding image that is made by the set of negatives displayed above.

Materials: The photos are all taken with a Pentax K2 on Kodak Tmax 400 film and printed onto Ilford 100 matte photopaper.

Untitled (/Attached)-- Final Project

Sasha Dunbar
Untitled (/Attached), 2010.
Assorted human hair and found natural objects. (22 separate pieces, each 2 cm by 26 cm)
I explored the concept of Regression.

Fractures are Natural

Morgan Horton
Fractures are Natural, 2010. Dried leaves and thread

When something is fractured we as humans have a tendency towards wanting to fix it. In fixing the fracture, however, the thing in question shifts from the realm of the “natural” to that of the “unnatural” – the abnormal.
I use something natural, leaves, which have fractures in them and hang them amongst something unnatural, leaves that have had the fractures fixed.

Final Project

Maia Larson
Untitled, 2010. Word Collage (18" x 24")
For this piece I was interested in exploring Transgression.

My Little Red Hat

Alex Nikazmerad "My Little Red Hat" 2010. Fabric, red and white thread, white acrylic, cardboard brim. 8" x 5" x 3"
This piece explored the concept of regression, specifically through replication.

Final Project Fall 2010

Molly Rottman
Wish You Were Here, 2010. Collage in Adobe Photoshop (3"x5" and 4"x6").
For this piece I was interested in exploring Regression.

"Ruptured Reflection" or "You Should Be Ashamed"

Jon Garrey
Ruptured Reflection or You Should Be Ashamed
Acrylic Paint on Glass Mirror (8' x 6')

For this piece, I utilized Fracture first and foremost but also Entropy.

Final Project

Ginny Womack
Hitler's Torah. Computer paper print outs and Torah scraps (19.5" x 14")
This piece explores the concept of transgression.

Final Project

Picture taken on 12/7 2010:

Picture taken on 12/10 2010:

The balloons have deflated and it appears that someone has popped some of the balloons with the provided nail.

Ryan Daniel
Pop Chair, 2010. Inflated air balloons on foam mat board (40" x 31" x 13").
For this piece I was interested in exploring Transience.

Final Project: Getting Nailed

Anuraag Bhadana

Getting Nailed
, 2010, Nails covering hammer using adhesives (11.5" tall on 6" x 7" base)
For this piece I was interested in exploring Encroachment

Fracturing Through

Hanan Romodan "Fracturing Through" 2010. cut up items, x-acto knife, butcher knife, cutting board. 70" x 71" x 4.5" This piece explored the concept of Fracture.

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