Thursday, December 10, 2009

Run Home, Home Run

James Koch
Run Home, Home Run, 2009. Dead ladybugs, dead flies, beef blood, and Gorilla Glue on Wooden baseball bat.
For this piece, i was interested in exploring Transgression.

Final Project

Eliza Mutino
Untitled, 2009. Fish tank on fan with cheesecloth, Sharpie paint pen, dried paint pieces and goose feather. Fan is supported by cheescloth covered 4"x 1" wooden blocks. Sticky tac is used as an adhesive between the sides of the tank and the cheese cloth.
For this piece, I was drawn to the concept of transience, and inspired by the film American Beauty and the quote "...Don't lose hope, no condition is permanent..."

Final Project

Barbara Monaco
Untitled (place your own broken heart puns here), 2009. Acrylic on mirror, glued to poster board and plastic frame (12"x15")
The concept was Fracture (the act of breaking, or state of being broken)

Process: I tore the mirror out of the frame, painted a human heart on it, smashed it with a hammer, and glued the pieces to the frame backing and reattached the plastic painted frame.

Final Project

Maia Pillot
Untitled, 2009. Digital Photograph edited and copied in Adobe Photoshop. (20'' x 15'')
I explored the theme of Entropy.

Final Project

Emily Bail
Untitled, 2009. Newspaper on cardstock (11" x 11.5")
I explored "transience" in this piece.

Final Project

Ishita Dharnidharka
Untitled, 2009. Acrylic paint on mirror (11" x 11").
For this piece I was interested in exploring the concept of Encroachment.

Final Project: Max Farrell

Title: Fragile World

Concept: Fracture
Size: 13" x 11" x 10"
Material: a globe, broken liquor bottles, phone chargers, cardstock poster board
Process: I took the globe from its original base and punched five holes in what would be the capital cities of U.S.A, U.K, France, Russia and China. I then went on to beat it and smash the globe against the ground. I then took three empty liquor bottles and broke the glass into fine pieces, then placing the glass on the cardstock. Once the globe was broken, I placed the charger tips inside the globe and plugged them into a power surge, which is plugged into the wall.

final project


Ink Tendencies. Book, epoxy, acrylic, glue, pen, India ink, printer paper (50"x45"x4").

I cut through the cover of an old book, hollowed out a depression using a woodcutting tool, and sealed the depression with epoxy. I then poured the "ink," created by adding India ink to Elmer's glue, into the center of the depression and let it drip out and dry.

final project

Nic Wilson
Untitled, 2009. Mixed Media (12" x 8" x 1")
For this piece I was interested in exploring transgression.

Trash Replication

final project

Hannah Shepherd
Untitled, 2009.
Fabric, thread, wood frame, paint
(12" x 15")

Process: Sewing, tying, painting

Concept presented: Entropy

Final: There's something in the water

Alec Mill
There's something in the water, 2009, Acrylic Digitalization
I first painted the original 7 paintings featured, then scanned them to a computer, and adjusted their light and color quality with photoshop. Then I rearranged the paintings together in a repeating pattern and resized the images.

Final Project

Dream Catcher 1.0
Yarn, wood, synthetic bird ornaments
Yarn used to bind wood; birds attached with wire

Monday, December 7, 2009

Trash Replication


Color Gradient

Acrylic Atmospheric

Digital Atmospheric

Chindoku Ad

Chindogu Ad

Computer Atmosphere

Trash Reconstruction

Color Chart

Acrylic Atmosphere

Resistance painting

Resistance Work

Color Chart

Acrylic Atmosphere


Trash Replication

burling research

interesting material:

Artist: Aliza Lelah
Title: A Lifetime Rehearsal
Date: 2008
Size: 12" x 24"
Material: Hand stitched recycled fabric

Lelah recreates old found photographs using recycled bits of fabric, with stitching as a binding medium.

interesting process:


Artist: Suzanna Fields
Title: Sweet Deep
Date: 2005
Size: 27" x 27"
Material: Acrylic on Plexiglass

Suzanna Fields uses dripping, pouring and pulling at acrylic paint on tactile surfaces to emphasize the plastic nature of acrylic paints.

big ol' update

Chindogu Ad:

Resistance Drawing:

Trash Replication:

Digital Atmosphere:

Acrylic Atmosphere:

Color Chart: