Thursday, December 10, 2009

Final Project

Maia Pillot
Untitled, 2009. Digital Photograph edited and copied in Adobe Photoshop. (20'' x 15'')
I explored the theme of Entropy.


  1. This piece, which explored the concept of entropy, is a two-dimensional abstraction of a representational photograph depicting a “sky-scape.” It has been created in Photoshop. The piece is formally conceptualized around balance and repetition and conveys the illusion of deep space. This effect is generated by the layering of a shrinking rectangular image in the center of the canvas, which creates an inverse-zoom effect radiating out from the center. While this inverse-zoom or tunnel-effect evokes the possibility of infinite repetition and the idea of an open composition, the repetitive rectangular framing also makes the piece highly unified and allows it to be read, alternatively, as a closed composition. The highly organic texture evoked by the clouds contrasts beautifully with the architectural tunnel-effect, and this contrast is further highlighted by digital changes made to the color template, which shift from cool, to warm to hot. The middle-to-center section is saturated with color in alternating layers, while the outermost rings are uniformly dull. The increase in color intensity towards the center of the composition evokes the idea of moving towards a warmer, more defined core. The small white square at the center of the composition slips into content as a compositional point of rupture because it is at odds with the colorful tension created in preceding layers. This seems to suggest that uniformity in pursuit of a common end is ultimately undesirable, because it effaces the possibility for further creation and the beauty of contrast. The craftsmanship of this piece is very high quality, and it seems that the artist really understood how to create a unique and interesting visual effect with digital media.

  2. Zoe this is a really thoughtfully articulated response to the piece. Thank you!