Thursday, December 10, 2009

final project

Hannah Shepherd
Untitled, 2009.
Fabric, thread, wood frame, paint
(12" x 15")

Process: Sewing, tying, painting

Concept presented: Entropy

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  1. Barbara Monaco

    Hannah Shepherd’s Untitled is an instant of ever growing entropy frozen in time. Through her use of complimentary colors, bold patterns and diagonal lines, Hannah creates the impression of everything culminating in a disorderly, organic mass. Her mixture of bold colors and patterns with dull olive greens and grays generates a sense of chaos, and by tying the black thread in diagonal lines she creates the feeling of movement, of things moving to the center. Although the composition is closed, the mass in the center feels like it is growing outwards and it has only stopped for a moment to be viewed by the audience.
    One of the most interesting aspects of this piece is the texture that is present in many of the cloth fragments. Many are smooth cotton blends while others appear coarse and woven like burlap, and still others are reminiscent of sheep wool. The process she used to connect all of the different scraps together also mixed their textures so that the smooth blends directly into the harsh and back again, producing an organic feel that is suggested by the overall form of the piece.
    However, the part of that I found the most exciting is the balance and unity she constructs. The orderly suspension strings create a wonderfully balanced contrast to the chaotic sewn portion of the piece. Hannah is able to create unity in her piece by carefully making sure that all of the strings are taunt and evenly spaced all the way around. She also used color to give the viewer as sense of unity and balance. Not all of the reds are in one place, nor are all of the hound’s-tooth. By interspersing the different fabric scraps she creates a sense of unity while still maintaining the concept of entropy.