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Frog Skin Costume. 1998-1999. Mella Jaarsma.
Part of "Hi Inlander: Hello Nature" installation.
Made up of treated animal skins (in this case - frog skins).


Measuring Niagara with a Teaspoon. 1997. Cornelia Parker
Georgian teaspoon drawn to the height of Niagara Falls.

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Research: Process & Material


Installation for the 8th International Istanbul Biennial
Doris Salcedo

Salcedo used 1,600 wooden chairs for this installation, most of which was installed piece by piece rather than by chair by chair. She needed to have a great understanding of the infrastructure of the material and "sculpture" of the chair and how it would fit in relation to other chairs and within the alley.


City Hiding Series
Liu Bolin

He chooses places he finds interesting and sometimes with a political message. With a lot of patience, he then photographs is from many angles, poses for long periods of time (sometimes for 10 hours or more), determines the design to be created on his body, and then he must stand unmoved until the design is painted on him. He is then "invisible."


Actual Size

Chris Jordan - "Barbie Dolls," 2008, 60 x 80 in.
Material: Barbie Dolls
"Barbie Dolls" depicts 32,000 Barbies equal to the number of elective breast augmentation surgeries performed monthly in the U.S. in 2006 (The Art Book Vol. 17 Issue 2 May 2010)


Mona Hatoum - "Hanging Garden," 2008, 131 x 90 x 315 cm
Materials: Jute bags, earth and grass
Process: 770 jute sacks were stacked to head level, forming a 10 meter long barricade. The sacks were filled with seeds that sprout, creating the green layers of grass.


Qiu Zhijie, Writing the "Orchid Pavilion Preface" One Thousand Times, 1990-94. Installation with video documentation and Ink-on-paper calligraphy, approx 29x70 inches.
In this, Zhijie writes a famous piece of calligraphy a thousand times on the same piece of paper, which gives the end result of a completely black block of ink. It is the process which created the end result that gives the uniform black block meaning and content. For a more detailed view, go here.

Andy Delany

Library Research


The Gravity of Colour, New Britain (2008) By Lisa Hoke
Installed on the Lewitt Family Staircase Landing, approx. 30 feet high

Hoke uses coloured papers cups and transparent plastic cups (and paints the insides) to create a pinwheel like composition. Slight changes in the hues of the painted cups create interesting patterns and tones. The wide range of colours create an almost rainbow-like effect. The cups are nailed to the wall, either from the bases or on their sides. In some cases the cups are stacked on top of each other to create volume.


Virevoltes by Cecile Bart (2010)
Installed at Museum of Fine Arts, Nantes

Comprising of 20 complete or incomplete circles of straight strings suspended from the ceiling of the gallery, forming rather thin curtains. The length of each string is approximately 12.5 meters. Each circle/arc has a defined colour tone, and when viewed at ground level, viewers see "through" the multiple curtains of string to see unique patterns. The sporadic presence of sunglight also alters the perception of the brightness of the color and renders certain parts of the composition to be more brilliant. Viewers can walk through the installation.


Limber Vilorio, Acorazodo (Armour), 2007
This piece is made of a 1984 Toyota Corolla, a car which is very commonly used for public transportation in Caribbean and Central American countries, which is covered in over 200,000 bullet casings glued to the exterior.

Andy Delany

Trash Replication

Jon Garrey

Process and Material


Robert Wechsler - The Best Circular Bike Ever Made...
Spring 2003
Wechsler painted and reassembled nine bikes that he had recovered into a carousel-esque setup. The formation can be remodeled, dismantled, etc. It is purposefully left in public places in order to gain attention from various different riders.


Tim Hawkinson - Ghost Bat
Bread tabs, plastic bags, and twist ties

Photoshop Illustration

Jon Garrey

Chindogu Advertisement

Jon Garrey

Interesting Process

Brody Condon
Twentyfivefold Manifestation
Summer 2008

Condon used 80 live action role players (LARP) from Denmark to create an alternate reality within the exhibition. Thus, he created the scenario and the LARPers brought it to reality.

"Set in a distant future where civilization as we know it had almost been lost, players from different worlds met deep in the holy forest and inhabited a 40 feet high tower "in character" for 3 days at a time while worshipping invented deities embodied by the other artworks of the exhibition"

Atmospheric Paintings

Jon Garrey


Peter Callesen-

The Short Distance Between Time and Shadow, 2006

Acid free A4 115 gsm paper and glue


Tom Friedman- Untitled (Snow Angel) 1991
Material: 200 lbs. of Laundry Detergent

Library Research

ProcessHuma Bhabha, 2006, 65 x 41 x 30 inches. "Man of no importance"
Stacked styrofoam armature in manner reminiscent of stone monuments. Then used clay, wire, cotton, and bone to construct exterior. Compared his work to 'alchemy,' transforming discarded materials into art.


Zilvinas Kempinas, 2010, full-room installation. "Ballroom"
Kempinas used hanging sheets of reflective mylar. From the ceiling hung fans with lightbulbs attached on strings to spin slowly in circles.

Interesting material

Santiago Calatrava
Spring 2010

Large steel and aluminum arches are connected with 244 translucent lengths of elastic surgical tubing which vibrates with the music. The juxtaposition of the steel with the surgical tubing mirrors the strong, yet fluid movements of the ballet dancers below. Additionally, the seemingly impossible angles created by the structures reflect the various ways in which the ballet dancers contort themselves.
Process: The individual circles are created using multiple layers of thin colored resin
Artist: Michael de la Cerda
Date: 2007Size: 36" x 56"
Medium: Resin

Material: Acrylic painting incorporates traditional fibers from a specific culture to help tell their history
Artist: Sandi Seltzer Bryant
Date: 2009
Size: 36" x 36"

Material and Process

damian cosmicthing
Cosmic Thing, 2002. Damián Ortega.
Ortega used wire to hang his personal decomposed VW bug, a symbol of Mexico's Westernization (where he lives), from the 30' ceiling of the Institute of Contemporary Art.

House of Bread, 2004. Urs Fischer. Bread, wood, expanding foam, light. 533 x 472 x 366 cm.
Fischer used mostly bread to create his House of Bread. Remind anyone else of Hansel and Gretel?

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The Bracket- Chindogu

Be a star and rock it while you Bracket.

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