Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Library Research


The Gravity of Colour, New Britain (2008) By Lisa Hoke
Installed on the Lewitt Family Staircase Landing, approx. 30 feet high

Hoke uses coloured papers cups and transparent plastic cups (and paints the insides) to create a pinwheel like composition. Slight changes in the hues of the painted cups create interesting patterns and tones. The wide range of colours create an almost rainbow-like effect. The cups are nailed to the wall, either from the bases or on their sides. In some cases the cups are stacked on top of each other to create volume.


Virevoltes by Cecile Bart (2010)
Installed at Museum of Fine Arts, Nantes

Comprising of 20 complete or incomplete circles of straight strings suspended from the ceiling of the gallery, forming rather thin curtains. The length of each string is approximately 12.5 meters. Each circle/arc has a defined colour tone, and when viewed at ground level, viewers see "through" the multiple curtains of string to see unique patterns. The sporadic presence of sunglight also alters the perception of the brightness of the color and renders certain parts of the composition to be more brilliant. Viewers can walk through the installation.

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