Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Ruptured Reflection" or "You Should Be Ashamed"

Jon Garrey
Ruptured Reflection or You Should Be Ashamed
Acrylic Paint on Glass Mirror (8' x 6')

For this piece, I utilized Fracture first and foremost but also Entropy.

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  1. Critique of Jon Garrey “Ruptured Reflection” or “You Should be Ashamed”

    With the concepts of fracture and entropy in mind, Garrey reflected this both literally and figuratively. The closest to the center, where the initial ‘explosion’ must have occurred, is actually the most calm and orderly in the fragments themselves. Its extremely balanced and each piece is placed logically, but the balance shifts and lessens as we deviate from this focal point. The shards keep a clear form of the initial break itself, not quite repetition because of the individualistic nature of each shard, but also not true replication. Further away from that center, the pieces become more haphazard and unorganized, until finally they are free-floating objects.
    All in all, I’m disturbed by the mirror and I like that. I almost cut my face on it while I was walking past, which makes me feel like the mirror itself is dangerous. So often do we think of mirrors only for what they can reflect – other objects. What I found in this work was the attention being brought back to the mirror as its own independent object. A mirror is a 2-D reflection of the 3-D, but since it was transformed into a 3-D object, does that mean it reflects the 4-D?
    As for the glue- others may disagree, but I think its great. Once again, it takes my perception of a mirror (normally used to show beauty) and turns it into an ugly, pussing, rotten mess. And the closer I leaned in to stare at every drop of boogery-goop, the more clearly I saw my own reflection.
    Another less fortunate accident produced powerful results as well- I love the blood. I almost wish there had been more, but for obvious reasons that’s not feasible. However, I thought it was incredibly meaningful even if it was an accident. It gave the work a mind of its own that corresponds to the harsh, harmful tone of the title “You should be ashamed.” It’s almost as if the mirror was punishing Garrey for breaking it, its final act in a way.
    One area of criticism is the pedestal on which the mirror was placed. It draws the eyes away from an already incredibly busy piece, and there seems to be no real connection between it and the mirror. The white cloth and drapery makes it seem holy, or somehow pure, when in reality I feel the piece is the opposite. However, this juxtaposition is not clear enough to produce a meaningful effect. I think the piece would have been much more powerful with a small or unnoticeable base. I believe it would further the sense of depth that the hanging fragments are trying to achieve.