Thursday, December 9, 2010


ink, cotton, audio.

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  1. Caitlin’s piece reflects the intended concept of fracture, where the images on the sheets are self-explained by the sound clip that accompanies the piece. However, I felt the images on the sheets are too small compared to the size of the sheets. Because of this reason, I did not really experience the feeling of something being fractured (visually) and the amount of negative space on the sheets is a little bit too much. One method that can be considered is to use a larger object to create the fractured images on the sheets. With this method, there will be a larger amount of particle to fill out the empty space. Another method is to have multiple objects dropped on the same sheet instead of having one object on every sheet. The sound clip accompanies the piece really well since it completes the representation of fracture. The idea was to have the sound clip play every 8 minutes and 20 seconds, representing the amount of time that light from sun takes to reach the earth’s surface. I found it interesting that the images are colored in black although the concept of the sound clip is used to represent light. However, the contrast between the black image and the white sheet draws my attention directly to the image. Also one minor problem with the sound clip is that due to technical difficulties the sound was not loud enough. This can be problematic since an absence of descriptions (including the sound clip) about the piece will render the viewer clueless about the concept of the piece.