Thursday, December 9, 2010

"You Are Positively Glowing!"

Elisabeth Rennick
You Are Positively Glowing! 2010. Foam Core, Fabric, and Tissue Paper (102"x 19"x 34").
For this piece I explored the idea of "encroach."

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  1. This piece is quite imposing even from 20 meters away as you enter the second floor studio hallway. Literally glowing, these voluminous boxes draw your attention and encroach on the walking space in this windowless corridor. The strongest element of this piece is definitely its volume. Additionally unity is achieved through the continuity of the size of the boxes and their placement together on the wall, yet there is a dynamicism in the line of this piece as the purple boxes at the center lift up out of the main structure that leads our eyes back and forth along the structure, and creating horizontal balance.

    Some formal concerns include material struggles with attaching the boxes to the wall, to one another, and the overall strength of the foam core. There is a slight lean to the right, which does not appear to be intentional, and there are some points where the tape adhesive between the boxes shows through, detracting from the form. Yet it is considerably stable considering minimal material weight. Additionally this piece could be more powerful with a brighter glow, or different choice of internal lighting. However, the choice of fabric and tissue paper for the external structure is appropriate to the reference of the woman’s cycle in the title, lightweight, and generally ignored in the day to day, yet present in volume and at points encroaching upon or threatening the independence and mobility of the woman and of our viewer in the hallway.

    All in all the scale of this work, and the deliberate distribution of boxes and color pattern culminates in a very effective, powerful piece.

    Caitlin Short