Monday, April 11, 2011

Trash Replication Project- Cigarette Box

The individual pieces of trash that were used in the project all have multiple themes that can be covered, but as a group the one major theme that I noticed was the consumption of brand name products no matter what country / culture they originate from. For example my project the cigarette box has the theme of consumption of a brand-name product as a form to relieve stress, and not just a brand-name product but also one that is unnecessary in life. It speaks to the unhealthy nature of consumption that most people want to ignore and brush away. The content of the piece, the different warnings in multiple languages, the number of cigarettes and the type of cigarettes all help speak to this theme of unhealthy consumption of products. If I had left out the bar codes, warning labels, and other details that help emphasize over consumption, the piece would simply be a replication of a cigarette box without any kind of implied message. The content that was chosen to be included in the piece can make the significance of it more obvious. If I could have replicated anything else it would’ve been a much larger Marlboro box so that I could include more details without making it look sloppy. I would like to be able to keep and add more of the tiny details of the box that could further enhance the theme. Ideally the way I would like to present this piece would be to have a photograph of it showing a person taking one of the final cigarettes out of the package, or if at least have a few cigarettes remaining in the pack before mounting it, which could also enhance the theme of unhealthy consumption.

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