Monday, April 11, 2011


The general themes and concepts that came up when Juan, Greg and I talked about our three projects were the consist ideas of fast and convenient items in the relation to us as college students. There was also a similarity that our items collectively were not the healthiest items being Mountain Dew, Velveeta cheese and Buffalo Wild Wings. The idea of our location played a big impact in our analysis of our items, because we are in a small town with little resources and items are limited. When we discussed my object in general the theme of fast food played a major part we also came up with the idea of my object representing an escape because the item didn’t come from the campus. Overall the idea of college student and the fast pace lives made us decide that my item was a representation that even when a student does break away from the campus there is still that connection to students needing things fast and in a hurry.

If I had the option to pick a new object I would stay with the trash concept because I like the form that the trash took after it was emptied. I would also decide to pay more attention to the way that I would replicate all the detail of my original piece. The required presentation of the replication forces the eye to pay attention to the detail that is in the original but not in the duplicate. The setup of putting them side by side make it easier in some cases to tell the difference. In my opinion I would decide to put all the works in a line separating the original from the duplicate and then let the audience determine the replication. In my opinion this method would be more informal and more entertaining for the audience to find the differences in the two forms.

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