Sunday, September 14, 2014

Varun Nayar -- Unity (Exercise 4)

Circles (Black on White)

Rectangles (White on Black)

Circles (White on Black)

Rectangles (Black on White)


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  2. 1. The use of the oval seems out of place with the rest of the circles, which all have straight lines through them. It makes this the focal point and is unbalanced with the rest of the composition. It is an open composition and the white space is well utilized.

    2. The use of circles does not seem to go with the rest of the composition. The much heavier rectangle also shifts the balance of the piece. The smaller rectangles seem to form a pile of sticks (which is interesting that an 'organic' shape was formed from many very geometric ones.

    3. There is an implied rectangle from the lines within the circles, which can serve as a unique focal point. It is a whole composition that utilizes all of the space, but the sizes of the circles seem unbalanced.

    4. There are smaller parts within this composition that act as inverse reflections with an off center 'folding' point. The closed composition is framed by two contrasting strips, which also act as the focal point, especially the bottom left corner because the two rectangles are unaligned.