Friday, September 12, 2014

Julia Broeker -Exercise 4

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  1. Piece 1- Not too crowded, balanced in most regards, though the white rectangle in the upper left dominates the piece slightly. Very open, organized, simplistic use of space. Eye flows around the piece easily.
    Piece 2- Somewhat unbalanced through the off-centering of the main circle, though it gives the piece a definite focal point. Breaking lines give it a sense of rhythm and dynamic. Closed, focused on single object, unified through the focus.
    Piece 3- Very left heavy, leaving an unbalanced feeling, more of the space could have been used. Piece feels open through the minimal use of forms. The circular outline that cuts through the shapes serves to add some unity, however it feels somewhat extraneous or out of place. Some variation in the thickness of the circle or some breakage in the left-hand block could aid in the balancing of the composition.
    Piece 4- The mirroring between the top smaller circles and the lower larger circles creates an excellent sense of balance. Dynamism is created through the intersecting movements of the lines through the circles. The small black circle at the base of the picture creates a focal point, but the eye is drawn around the piece easily by following the contrasting lines. Closed composition.