Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Peter Sills )( exercise 4


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  1. Piece 1- Clean, sturdy composition. Middle line should go all the way through rectangle, serves are focal point and eye gets stuck there. Uses up full space, motion begins in top left corner, but doesn't follow all the way through. Light grey bars make for more dynamic piece, however perhaps could be more prominent.
    Piece 2- Simple piece, lack of focal point. The distribution of circles doesn't allow the eye to move around the full piece, though smaller circles add sense of dynamism. Balanced, though large circle dominates and there is a sense of stagnancy. Closed composition, unified through mirrored position of circles.
    Piece 3- Structured, strong composition, distribution of squares being to move eye. Sets of three help balance piece. However, there is too much negative space and the off centered nature of squares unbalances the composition. The large rectangle at top is necessary but perhaps needs a partner. Closed piece.
    Piece 4- Balanced symmetrical piece, dark grey circles with overlapping black gives nice effect. Could maybe use something so lead to corners and use full composition.