Saturday, October 19, 2013

Four, three dimensional circles stand on their own in a continuous sequence, five inches apart. The circles are made of polished wood, and the inner part of the circle is painted a dark periwinkle blue. None of the four circles are the same size. The furthest circle on the right is the smallest and as the viewers eye makes it way towards the left side, the circles get larger. The fourth circle from the left is the the largest circle out of all of them, and the last circle is only slightly smaller. The artist choice to place the largest circle towards the center, suggests that the artist was playing with the different levels of the within the ground, and adds depth to the installation. From afar the circles almost appear perfectly cut, but when observed closely the imperfections of the circles are noticeable, playing with the idea of the imperfection in the shape. The circles occupy the center space of the rotunda in Bucksbaum, showing that the artist wanted his installation to stop the people who are entering or passing by and question why it was there. The four circles are placed on the ground making the viewer look down on the piece. The florescent lighting that is in the rotunda doesn’t add or change the way that the installation is displayed. 

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