Thursday, October 17, 2013

Art Description

“The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America” made by Julian Montague is composed of twelve images placed two inches away from one another. Each of the light jet prints is mounted onto Plexiglas. There is a common theme among these photographs: misplaced and littered shopping carts in different landscapes. The majority of the shopping carts are shown in an angle. Although a lot of the shopping carts seem to have been tossed within the snow, it is not easy to determine the time of the year for all twelve pictures.

As I stated before and is shown in the image, many of the images show us a shopping cart tossed. In the second image from the top left hand corner the red cart is under some wood and covered in snow. Similarly, the one below that one is also covered but instead with leaves. However, the second one from the bottom right hand side is exposed and laying on top of the snow. The shopping cart image to the left of that one is not as revealing, it seems to have been tossed in a garbage can.

Also, it is interesting when noticing the various angles in which the photographer took these images. The shots are not too close to the shopping carts but not that far either. About half of the shopping carts are placed in the center of the frame, which might have been intentional.  

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