Thursday, May 2, 2013

Critique 2

This seems to be a sculpture of two rectangular forms. The sculpture itself does not have any organic lines, rather seeing it in a 2-dimensional way; it seems to be made from inorganic lines to form geometric shape of a trapezoid. The eleven equally spaced rectangles on the left side of the sculpture is arranged in a way that one end is higher up. The space within the rectangle is empty. Then there is just one large rectangle that has different shades of blue. Smaller and flatter rectangles touch the other side of this blue rectangle with a larger green trapezoid to the other side. The blue shades in the largest rectangle are split into two. The top part has light shades of blue with different values: darker on the left and goes lighter as it the eyes travel to the right. The bottom part looks like a mix of light green and light blue hues. This color seems consistent throughout the bottom part of this large rectangle. Throughout this large rectangle, there seems to be several inorganic lines that split this rectangle into smaller rectangles. There is a consistent division of the rectangle as the lines travel upward diagonally and other sets of lines traveling downward diagonally left to right. The lines travelling upward are in white and the lines traveling downward are of yellow hue. In the large green rectangle to the farthest right, the lines travel the same way but the ones going upward diagonal are yellow and the ones going downward diagonal are white. This rectangle also has a split color. Three fourth of the top is darker green and the bottom ¼ seems to be a mix of light green and light blue with more emphasis on the green. The top parts of the large rectangles seem to have a scratchy texture whereas the bottoms have a smother texture. Both large rectangles look as if the base had been yellow.
The inorganic lines that make up this artwork seem to give off a sophisticated, chic, modern look to this sculpture. What is this art? What is this sculpture? What is the meaning behind this artwork? Is artwork ever just a decoration? Personally, this artwork reminds me of a human being’s mind. The inorganic lines remind me of the closed minds that people have. The balance between smooth surfaces and scratchy surfaces seems to represent split personality. Why yellow, green, and blue? Yellow usually carries the meaning of joy, happiness, and energy. It also is the color of the sunshine. Green represents growth and harmony. It is usually associated with the concept of nature. Blue is frequently associated with depth and stability. A human mind can create all these emotions and the color seems to represent these emotions. Though the lines are inorganic, the color blue gives depth to the sculpture and mix of green almost seems soothing. The hint of yellow in this sculpture gives life and energy. Although this sculpture is made of inorganic lines, the colors itself contrast the vibe of these lines, so the lines do not seem threatening.
This sculpture evokes the feeling of nostalgia and serenity. The straight lines almost seem to box the peacefulness inside. The scratchy lines gives off the feeling that I am hurt but the empty spaces of the smaller rectangles makes it feel like though this pain is there, you can always slide it through the empty spaces. Many people pass through the hallway. The fact that this sculpture is untitled seems to leave the meanings open ended.

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